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  • Did you know that budgeting your time is the same skill set as budgeting your money? Well Tim Roden, in his series on Surviving and Thriving: Financial Literacy and Budgeting aims to help you understand not only how to budget but why it is necessary. Tim points out in video 1 that in order to budget we need to reframe our perspectives from thinking about what we can’t do to what we can. In video 2 Tim discusses the difference between needs (must haves) and wants (would like), which is essential knowledge when beginning to create your budget. Video 3 provides information regarding challenges in budgeting and Tim provides suggestions in order to make sure you can pay for those needs you highlighted. Video 4 is all about saving, something that we all should do regardless of age. Within video 4 Tim discusses the importance of setting up different accounts for your needs, wants and savings – a really helpful tip for all of us. Video 5 is a deep dive into understanding the importance of noting your finances coming in. Video 6 builds upon the previous videos tying it all together (for more information regarding tuition, scholarships and bursaries watch Suzy Martin’s video on Tuition). Video 6 discusses when you should pay for your needs, how much you should be saving and what to do with that tip money. Video 7 is essential for everyone, protecting yourself for your financial future. Tim provides tips to prevent identity theft as well as helpful advice for those entering post-secondary today. If you are trying to figure out how to pay for school and wondered should I get a student line of credit or a student loan? This is the video for you. So when considering your financial future why not watch all the videos for free, courtesy of RAC.

The Basics


Needs Vs. Wants


The Ins and Outs


Protecting your Financial Future


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